Friday, January 19, 2007

That stinks!

Ever wondered why the price of perfumes is so high? It turns out that making something smell nice isn't quite as easy as you'd think.

You see, smells generally speaking don't hang around. They may last for a while but making them stick takes a bit of clever science. Don't worry, I'll keep it simple.

Basically the perfumes are made up of lots of smelly ingredients mixed with an oily base (sometimes taken from rare animal glands). The composition of the mix works out like this...

100% Parfum

EDP - Eau de parfum

EDT - Eau de toilette

Apres resage- Aftershave

The higher up the scale, the loger your smell will last.

And finally, your fragrance actually is designed to smell different as the time goes on. The ingredients are mixed to peak out at different times, three for the price of one.

Sharp edge- For the first 15 mins, your fragrance is at its fruitiest. Citrus smells pervade here.

The Heart- You fragrance carries this smell for about 2 hours (EDT or above) and the mid fragrances pervade. The smell loses its edge and becomes more refined.

Bass edge- Any stronger, smoky smells linger around and for the final hour-or-so, your perfume will bottle out with all the richness available.

The main fragrance lasts until the oily essence has evaporated and this mix also determines the price.

Any blokes out there, here's my recommendations...

DKNY EDT - citrus bite with a fresh easy going feel, much like CK One (EDT).

CK Euphoria EDT - a sophisticated smell to this one

JPG 'Le male' EDT - Very popular, this fragrance lasts the longest so if its value for money and a fine fragrance you need, you'll probably like this one.


Ghanashyam Khadka said...

Dear blogger, Why is purfume more aromatic than flower?

Anonymous said...

Its because the fragrance is made up of concentrated ingredients.

The viscosity of the oils also help to keep them from evaporating, so the smell stays around for longer.