Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fancy a photoblog?

When blogging doesn't quite hit the spot, how about a photoblog instead?

Most of us have mobile phones with camera's on them and providing that we are sensible in how we use them, there is no excuse for anyone not to have some kind of blog. In fact most young people I know, are already on myspace although most don't use the blog bit on there which is quite understandable.

Most people will know that for both business and pleasure, I take photographs and a good friend of mine has just started his own, dedicated photoblog. Over at you can keep up to date with his pictures as he posts them and I can promise you that you'll see some absolute crackers as the days roll on by.

I think Marcel is aiming to post a new picture every day and as a photographer myself, I know that this is no mean feat. Its really tricky to capture a decent picture every single day but in a way, I started my post by encouraging you all to do just that...

Here's the deal... If you can't or don't want to write your blog then why not use your cameraphone instead? If your a pro/semi-pro photographer then why not try to post one top-quality photo as often as you can? One thing is for sure, everyone will benefit.


Marcel said...

Thanks for the kind words Paul.

Indeed, as someone who is interested in photography (I still don't feel myself good enough to class myself as a photographer), I have found that committing myself to one photo a day is certainly making me push myself. I now have started to make my way through the day, looking at everything with photographic eyes. I could even be found crawling around our home last night look at everything from a different viewpoint (floor level). Something I knew of, but never had the thought to do before.

I urge anyone who is an amateur photographer, or indeed, just fancies a challenge to try taking just one picture a day. It doesn't need to be an award winning photo, nor does it need to be 'pixel perfect', but if it gets you thinking more, then it has already served a purpose.

If you don't have your own website then you can either sign up for a free on here at, or even by the providers of the software I use,
Or if you have your own webspace, do as I have done and download and install wordpress to your own site, where it is extremely customisable.

Kind Regards


Paul Hurst said...

so there you go folks... follow the links and set up your very own photoblog!