Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Live! Xbox 360 stats!

Yes! Rather worryingly, its now possible to see my progress on Xbox games via the web.

Xbox live! is pretty impressive and this applet takes my profile information and shows it in realtime on my website... Kinda cool in a geeky kinda way :-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Have you visited Da Vinci Code locations?

Rosslyn Chapel - ceiling detail

If you've been following in the footsteps of Robert Langdon and have been busy with your digital camera too, then why not post the conspiracy evidence at my new flickr group.

There's no doubting Dan Brown's book is a good read and the book has been a 'godsend' for the tourist industry for the places mentioned so I thought I'd invite people to share their pictures and comments here or in a newly constructed flickr group.

The group is here and as per usual, everyone is invided to browse or post.... Remember folks....

The truth is out there!

Some of my latest pics uploaded to flickr

Thanks to the folks over at slide.com, I can now showcase some of my photography work, directly in blog posts by using their rather nifty slideshow applet.

I will post things like this more often, especially when I find out how to use it properly, however in the meantime here's one to get us started.

As always, more on:


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vlogging with my Blogging

Well the never ending technology cycle continues to turn and its threatening to turn us all into movie makers now.

The 'YouTube' service allows you to shave video clips and also embed them into your webpages and blogs. This means that people with mobile phones should find it easy to include their excellently grainy footage online with minimal fuss.

I've road tested it with a clip that some people may have seen before.

Its really easy to use and its free. Be prepared to see a few more vlogs on this site at least!

Oh and you can find some pretty cool vids on YouTube too... Like this one :-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

November's here already in Worcester!

The 'not-so-old' chestnut of technology in the classroom is front and centre again at a special education conference in Worcester. One of the Keynote speakers is Alan November who clearly thinks that blogs such as this one could easily chance the Victorian face of education.

I'm here as part of my work for Radiowaves. The use of radio and podcasting within the classroom has also featured in Alan's keynote and later today, a group of students will create a special podcast all about how technology in the classroom is changing the way people learn.

Technology certainly isn't some kind of magical panacea. It won't automatically teach anything to anyone, but it will provide many more opportunities for people to get plugged in to the curriculum in some pretty amazing ways! As a journalist myself, I can clearly see how journalistic skills could revolutionise the way some people learn and create their own work.

Anyone who's not checked out radiowaves should head over to: www.radiowaves.co.uk and Alan's number one google spot will be further secured by my extra link here: www.novemberlearning.com

Monday, March 06, 2006

XVIII Commonwealth Games 2006: Melbourne

As athletes and spectators from all over the globe get ready for one of the most important sporting events in the World, my blog limbers up on the starting blocks to bring you the very latest from trackside with behind-the-scenes info from one of the embedded BBC Journalists.

Although 'the call' never came for me and I'm left in the previous host city of Manchester, my friend and colleague Mike Shaft is, as I write this, jetting off to work for the BBC and keep us all up to date with the latest news from Oz.

My pang of jealousy was slightly quelled when Mike agreed to write a few articles for my blog about what its like over there and to also send the odd pic or two as well.

So apart from the official sites, why not pop along here every now and again for a XVIII games update that is exclusive to www.paulhurst.blogspot.com

Springtime photography

March the 4th, 2006 and spring definitely isn't in the air! For the past few days, most of the UK has been hit hard by a cold snap which has seen temperatures drop as low as -15C in some areas

The scientists did warn us about climate change and there certainly is something 'Day After Tomorrowish' about last weeks weather but I must admit, I'm struggling to fit this in with global 'warming'.

Still, makes for great photo's!