Monday, January 22, 2007

The blue screen of... shopping

Yes, I couldn't resist capturing this photograph as I wandered around Newcastle recently.

It seems that although M$ may power 90% of our IT infrastructure, there are quite a few examples of BSOD which are duly noted, and recorded by the public.

In fact, this flickr group is made up entirely of photographs of crashed computers in very public places. So if you catch a glimpse of a PC in distress, why not grab a quick pic and don't forget in a few days, we'll get to see what the Windows Vista one looks like too...

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Rick said...

Managed to get my hands on some full copies of windows vista on the 24th, 6 days before its official release, on a clean install works fine. But when upgrading from windows XP expect to see are old friend BSOD a couple of times.