Monday, February 26, 2007

Jesus' tomb discovered?

Brace yourself for a titanic struggle between film director James Cameron and 2,000 years of Church tradition.

The famous film director has set a course to sail some stormy waters which he thinks could sink the Christian faith once and for all and he's striking below the waterline by attacking the central belief of Christians: The resurrection.

Its been the staple diet of the Church since it began. The belief that three days after death, Jesus came back to life in order to prove that his message was true and that God could offer eternal life to mankind and its this account of resurrection which has proved to be surprisingly robust against 2,000 years worth of criticism.

We've had the 'swoon theory', the 'substitution theory' the 'theft theory' and even the 'alien abduction' theory but according to Cameron, these are all wrong, Jesus and his family were buried in a tomb before their bones were placed in a stone box, waiting for the Terminator (Cameron) to find them. Waiting for their judgement day.

Well it would appear that time is now as Cameron has made these claims (conveniently) just before his new documentary gets shown around the world.

I will watch with interest but incredibly I find the resurrection claim more credible than this inconclusive and massively presumptive claim, and even more incredibly, I'm not alone either.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Looking into the future for schools

It's been on the cards for some time. With new technology on the rise in the classroom, I've been demonstrating how powerful it can be.

Helping students to embrace new technology such as blogging and podcastiong isn't difficult, in fact the concepts behind the technology don't bring anything new to the table at all, instead it changes the way in which young people engage in learning.

This post may have taken seconds to write but it does help demonstrate how technology is becoming easier and easier not only to use but also use in the classroom.

Anyone wanting more information, may be interested in this site which compiles some work from various schools around the north west of England.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can media make a difference?

It seems like the national curriculum us set to be re-shuffled for students here in the UK. There will be a re-emphasis on personal learning and the expressive arts are also on the ascendancy.

As some of my regular readers will know, I am currently helping to run a media bus project which basically allows students to have a go at using media skills to create curriculum based content. The aim is to encourage students to use research, preparation and presentation skills to look at any given topic.

I've been reminded today of just how effective something like this can be. Over at one of our schools, we have just finished our second project in which we have taken a look at the schools work towards arts status accreditation.

Some of the pupils have given us some feedback which helps us to tweak what we are delivering in the schools.

Technologies such as blogging and podcasting have massive potential for use within our 21st century schools, but I am reminded that the technology in itself is only useful if it is used to re-enforce and develop personal skills at the heart of the students who we work with.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lung capacity test - Internet style!

Need to see how healthy your lungs are? You can now check on the internet to find out!

Those good folks over at Lungster have devised an excellent web based test which will quite literally take your breath away.

Quite siply, this is viral advertising at its very best! I spotted it over at this top-blog site.