Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The BEST Indian restaurant in Wigan!

Now this isn't an advert but I couldn't get too far into 2007 without sharing a little secret as to where I spend my days dining out.

The Buraq restaurant near Wigan does some mighty fine food and I've been eating there since it opened a number of years ago. In fact I started eating there when it was just a humble take-away.

I was there the other day and my friend took this pic so I thought I'd write a litle about some of my favorite Indian dishes, so here's how my menu looks, you may call it top of the popadoms if you like...


Popadoms - I like the lime paste and the mint yoghurt

Tayeef Kebab


At the moment, my fave is Beef Korai but also up there...

Chicken Makhani

Chicken Bahlti

Lamb bhoona

Aside from the grub, you can't beat a large bottle of Cobra to wash it all down wish and my good fried Talib (pictured) is usually on hand with some 'drinks on the house' to bring my dining to a close :-)

So as I start 2007, may I wish Talib and all the staff, a great new year and keep up the good work!

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