Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Will the real Paul Hurst please, stand up!

Imagine my shock, no horror! When I realised that in this world of 6,000,000,000 people, I am not the only, Paul Hurst.

We treat our names as our unique identifier and in most cases, they are sufficient for this purpose, although there was also another 'Paul Hurst' in my year at school. So how does the internet change our awareness of who we are?

The current buzzword may be social networking through sites like myspace and even blogs like mine. Each offer individuals a small slice of the web which we can call home, but have you ever done an image search in Google for your own name?

Here's what happens with 'Paul Hurst'

Aside from not being dead (which is always a relief!), It would appear as though I may be some kind of 'yokel' on the run...

And wait for it... How about Paul Hurst the world famous harp player...

And not just nimble with the fingers, but feet too! Lets not forget 'Paul Hurst' the full-back for Rotherham United Football club.

Go on, have a go yourself and please let me know if you can find other pictures of your namesakes from around the world, a bit like my mate George Bush.

Oh and if you'd like the official word on other people who share your name then pay a visit to 'how many of me.com'

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