Monday, October 10, 2005

Podcasts to go with this blog

If you can't get enough of this blog and my writing then I've got good news for you. Being someone with far too much spare time on his hands and the kind of work schedule that makes Eddie the Eagle Edwards look 'busy', I am pleased to announce the introduction of my blog linked podcast.

Now before you all get too excited, I will only be doing one per month and there will be many blog posts that never make it to the mic, but every now and again, I will be commenting in mp3 stereo on some of the things that I usually only write about. If there is any audio linked to any particular post, it will be indicated by the little icon below. So keep a look out!

How do I tune in?
There's two ways you can access my podcasts, one for those who are all 'appled up' with iPods and the like and one for those who are not.

I'm leading the iPod generation: If you find yourself forced into the limelight through your excellent taste in personal entertainment and if there's nothing you like more than iPod shuffling down at your expensive gym then:

1. Open iTunes
2. Click on the podcast icon (near the shop one)
3. Find the 'directory search' button, click it, type in 'pauls podcast' then check the logo's are mine before hitting 'subscribe'. Job done, you will now enjoy the nasely sounds of my voice on your iPod automatically whenever I have anything new to say.

i what? Ok so maybe you havent taken a bite from the forbidden fruit just yet or maybe you don't even have an mp3 player... You can still tune in on your humble PC (I'm guessing you have a Packard Bell?)

1. Visit
2. Click on the podcast icon to hear the respective bits of audio
3. Ponder my magnificence (this point is optional)
4. Donate lots of money to me via PayPal (alas! Also optional)

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