Monday, October 03, 2005


Look carefully up into the heavens this morning and you should witness one of natures finest phenomena,

Today across Europe and parts of Africa, the Moon will get in the way of the Sun and cause an annular eclipse. Now it won't be as spectacular as a total eclipse which is where the sun is covered completely, but according to NASA, we should see the moon sit in the middle of the suns disc so that only a thin band of light remains.

I went to Newquay for the '99 total eclipse and somehow was one of the three people in Cornwall who actually saw something other than cloud and during the last total lunar eclipse, I was fortunate enough to see something again. Admittedly it was a group of thieves breaking into a local shop. So it was with a certain sense of trepidation that I cast my gaze heavenward this morning.

Images of a burning ring of Hydrogen, Ninety-Three million miles away or even three or four cosmic criminals a mere hundred yards in the distance were not to be, so I decided to tuck into my Mars bar instead. The most celestial object that I am likely to come into contact with today.

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