Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina brings the US to its knees - 52 states of emergency

THE USS ALABAMA NOW LISTS ABOUT 8 DEGREES AFTER IT FELT THE FULL FORCE OF HURRICANE KATRINA. All 43,000 tonnes of dead weight were unable to withstand the massive forces of the storm which went on to decimate an area larger than the whole of the UK.

Katrina's 140mph winds have leveled cities and towns and killed hundreds, if not thousands of people who were unable to leave before the storm made landfall at 6.10 on the 29th August. A few days on, and its effects are worsening even though the winds have long since dissipated.

Tens of thousands of people are now forced to live in squalor, dependent upon the authorities for rescue or aid which cannot and will not come quick enough for some. There are reports of the infirmed and elderly succumbing to infection and illness not uncommon to areas affected by the boxing day Tsunami off the coast of Sri Lanka.

There are, in fact, many parallels which can be made here. When faced by natures devastating power, no nation is safe. Regardless of industrial power or wealth, we are all at the mercy of the elements. The images of death and destruction, may look out of place on the US mainland but we should not forget the possible ravages of nature.

As the people in the affected areas deal with their upside down lives, the new threat of lawlessness is making matters worse. In scene's not dis-similar to Golding's Lord of the Flies, the ravaged and disaster stricken communities are struggling to adapt to the vacuum left by disaster and the removal of general law. Looting has been commonplace along with gun crime and even rape and murder. The natural disaster has taken on a sinister man-made twist, similar to those in Golding's anthropological novel.

In my blog here, I want to express my sadness to all who have been affected by Katrina and especially to those who are, or will be bereaved. My thoughts and prayers are with those in need.

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