Monday, August 29, 2005

As I start back in schools radio this coming week I've been wondering why radio is so good. In today's age of multi-channel TV and lightning fast internet in the home, you'd be forgiven for thinking that radio is no longer required, but don't tune out just yet!

Someone once said that the pictures are much better on the radio and I suppose this is one of the main reasons why I love listening to it and working in it. Apart from making the audience think about what they can 'see' its also incredibly personal. The world of TV with all its lights and makeup is a million miles away from that personal voice which quietly speaks into your ear or keeps you company in the car.

I've worked in radio for three years now and where some seem desperate to climb from radio to TV, I've fallen in love with producing for radio. It's not an easy job, the hours can be bad and sometimes things seem destined to go wrong but what an amazing thing it is to be able to bypass the bright lights of everyday life and speak straight into the soul. Carefully crafted words and content connect with the audience who aren't distracted by what's visible. People listen to the voices and hear emotion. They hear the anger of victims of crime or hatred and they hear the enthusiasm tinged with nervousness of the new author promoting their novel. We can laugh with the reporters who are interviewing children in the classroom or we can cry with someone blighted by terrorism.

It was the latter as I heard one such interview which formed part of one of our recent programmes. I include an mp3 of it as part of my blog although if requested, I will have to remove it for copyright reasons.

Listen to this personal story of Lord Tebbit as it was broadcast on BBC GMR.


After those powerful words from Lord Tebbit, I have nothing more to add to this post.

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