Monday, September 19, 2005

Trouble ahead?

The current stand off between Iran and other UN states over the issue of nuclear energy and weaponry will come as little surprise to many, what may surprise some is that according to an obscure code hidden within the Bible, the world could be heading towards nuclear holocaust next year. Is it time to take the Bible code seriously? Could we be heading for disaster or can this be avoided? And what are we to make of this supposed Bible Code, does this prove the Bible is really the word of God?

It was back in the 1960's that serious research was carried out on ELS sequences in the book of Genesis by US and Israeli mathematicians and code-breakers. The concept of codes is certainly not new, and hundreds of ancient writings including Roman and Greek texts contain hidden codes. During the last World war, entire intelligence teams were established to devise and decipher codes like the supposedly unbreakable Enigma code. What does seem shocking though is that code words seem to appear in the Bible which group together, relating to events and making sense in our modern world, even though the Bible text comes from thousands of years ago.

We are not talking about obscure 'Nostradamus' like prophecies here either, no mysterious stars which rise or fall, but real names and even dates. Encoded by the name 'Kennedy' we find 'assassinated' and even the name 'Oswald'. Even the words 'President' and 'America' are there, encoded in a book which was written over three thousand years before the USA even existed, let alone Kennedy himself.

Before Dan Brown's excellent novel 'the Da Vinci Code' stirred the world. An American Journalist called Michael Drosnin collated much of the written work on these so-called Torah codes and 'serialised' it into understandable text in his bestselling book, The Bible Code. Although many people believe the code to be little more than mathematical coincidence, no-one denies that the words are actually there, rather the debate circles around probability. Its not difficult to find words like 'Kennedy' in the Bible, but whats the probability of finding other relevant ones nearby?

Although the code only supposedly works by looking for events past, Drosnin claims that encoded within the Books of Moses supposedly dictated by Almighty God Himself, is a warning of a nuclear holocaust in 2006. And as the Iranian state continues to push its nuclear program forward, it looks increasingly like there could be problems ahead but could the codes be right?

I'm not sure what to believe of the codes. At its heart, I think there is truth, There does seem to be extra information hidden within the Bible text, unseen by a casual reader but there nonetheless. But does it really contain the entirety of human history within its letters? Jewish tradition claims that God Himself dictated the words for Moses to write and it was God himself who actually wrote the law on stone.

Included within the very handwriting of God, can we find a snapshot of Hitler, or the twin towers or even a nuclear holocaust waiting just around the corner?

Personally, I am more interested in what the Bible has to say in the plain text and I know that if everyone who claims to follow it, both Jew and Christian obeyed it, then the chances of war would be much slimmer. Maybe thats real Bible code. There for all to see yet few to understand.

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