Sunday, August 28, 2005

The IT man cometh...

As I write this to you, I do so one computer down.

My beloved Toshiba Satellite 4xxx is, alas! No more.

After a brief period of reprise, the intermittent power fault returned and I was unable to fix it no matter how much I 'waddled' the connection in the socket. After careful consideration, and as a fully trained (ex)Toshiba authorized technician, I therefore took the bold decision of taking it to bits for a 'look'

If you've ever wondered why laptop computers are so expensive, its because they are quite complex on the inside, and despite my vast knowledge of Toshiba products, I was unable to fix the problem even after forcing the outside casing into a position which held the power hole secure. In the end, I decided to perform a very technical procedure to 'encourage' the circuit to re-connect without the use of a soldering iron however as the following video highlights, my attempt was unfortunately unsuccessful.

'encouragement video'

It is with great sadness that I bade a fond farewell to my Toshiba 'grey lady'. She served me well (sob!)

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