Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Terror drill at the House of Commons is.... Terrible!

In the midst of the continued news-cycle concerning terrorism in the UK, disturbing details have emerged about how our elected MP's are keeping alert for any security threat. It turns out they aren't really!

Earlier today, the House of Commons staged three separate terrorism 'drills' in order to simulate a terrorist threat outside the building, a gunman inside the chamber and finally a deadly chemical attack, however there were only around thirty MP's who were present when the drills took place.

There are 646 Members or Parliament which means that less than 5% turned up for today's security rehearsals and even the Leader of the House, Peter Hain MP described the attendance figures as "disappointing". He then went on to apologise himself for forgetting to wear his Commons' security pass.

Although there's something almost comical about how business is carried out in the Chamber, there's nothing comical about any threat be it perceived or real against the heart of British democracy so come on guys! Shape up!

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