Thursday, July 21, 2005

Targeted again

Exactly two weeks after terror hit the transport network of London, fresh attacks have been launched in near-identical fashion. It has been confirmed that there have been 4 incidents across the capital, three reported on the tube network and chillingly, one also reported onboard a number 26 London bus.

Despite these fresh scenes of chaos, it appears that all the bombs have either failed to explode or that they have been of a substantially smaller size than the ones used just two weeks ago.

At this early stage, its difficult to comment appropriately. There are patchy, unconfirmed reports of 'pops' and 'bangs' from rucksacks and even some reports of a bag being placed onboard a train seconds before some kind of disturbance. Other eyewitnesses claim that following a loud bang onboard a bus, nearby passengers were covered with a white powder, possibly explosive matter which failed to detonate.

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