Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From flickr to BBC One

It's a well known fact within media circles that the age of user generated content is well and truly upon us. I experienced this first hand today thanks to a digital camera and flickr.

As part of my work with the BBC, I have taken a number of photographs from central Manchester and today I saw one of them, in widescreen, on BBC One, after the national news.

In itself, that's not surprising. The picture was taken for the BBC in the first place however what is great to see is how web 2.0 apps are helping people like myself, share information via web services and get it out to a wider audience. In this case a much wider audience...

From flickr to BBC One... from pthurst and Vimeo.


krymorg said...

This makes me happy.

I really like it when someone I know who is good at what they do gets a reward or something nice for their efforts!

Chuffed for you mate.



Excellent Work Paul

EAMON O'NEIL said...


Julia Buckley said...

Nice one Paul - you are so web 2.0!