Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prince Harry not to serve in Iraq

The BBC News website is reporting that Prince Harry will not be serving in Iraq after all. The website claims that sources close to the BBC have indicated that the British General Sir Richard Dannatt has confirmed the decision not to send the prince into battle.

According to Paul Adams, who is one of the BBC's defence correspondents, the decision will have been made in light of the reports that insurgents had planned to target the Prince.

Now is it only me or does this not state the obvious? Of course the Prince would be targeted! Just like every other soldier who wears the British uniform.

If this story turns out to be true then, like the Prince probably would be himself, I would be disgusted. How can we send our soldiers into harms way then not afford the same 'privilege' to the Prince, who is a serving soldier?

This level of duplicity once again shows that when it comes to decisions such as these, our country's leadership seems to lack backbone. We dither and lack the common sense to follow through the actions which are needed as consequence of earlier decisions.

One in, all in. One out, all out. Thats what I would say and what kind of message does this send to families of those who have been killed in Iraq. For that matter, what kind of message does this send to families of those who are yet to be killed in Iraq also?

Why don't we send Tony Blair instead? I believe he's free after June the 27th.


Man in a shed said...

The problem has always been that Harry is not an ordinary soldier. He's 2nd in line to the throne. He may yet be our future King.

He would be a especial target in Iraq - unlike Prince Andrew in the Falklands who would just have been unlucky if his number had come up.

If the insurgents caught him - they would have executed him in their usual barbaric way on camera and published the results on Youtube.

The deceit has been Labour minister pretending its none of their business - as minister in HM Government its central to their business and office. Again they saw some personal advantage in spinning it out. They are beyond contempt.

Now moral has been damaged on the ground - just to secure Labour ministers the headlines they wanted a few weeks ago before the elections, when they knew it was a dereliction of their duty.

They are unfit to govern.

Algy21 said...

Forget the politicians nonsense, its a different story altogether. The Prince Harry is Spartacus and joined up thinking about defiance, bravery and humour. I'm Spartacus, I'm Harry, we're ALL Harry now. Try for size.