Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A kick in the Balkans

It would seem from Saturdays result that either the UK is consistently bad at making good music or that for some reason, we have become a pariah state in Europe.

Scooch's 'noble' effort only garnered accolades from two nations, namely Ireland and surprise surprise, Malta. Now I wouldn't mind if I genuinely thought that we were only ever capable of making cheesy 90's digital tunes with slightly sexual undertones but its only when I considered our entry in comparison to some of the others that I found myself asking: Why bother?

Why bother taking part in a competition that's outcome can largely be predicted by Sir Terry who, quite frankly, still manages to mess up the selection night even when the results are dictated to him by the producer. Isn't it just a bit shocking that long before the hostesses have declared the results, we can fairly accurately ascertain where the points will, and will not be going. Are we Europeans that predictable?

Apparently not, yes you've guessed it, the nation which bucks the trend and plays by the rules is little ol' us. We may not be able to arrange most TV phone in competitions but we certainly know a good song when we hear one.

I was dismayed and disappointed that in this 'new-labour' age where everyone's pro-europe, someone forgot to tell our neighbours who despite what's on the officcial script, seem to hate us with a passion or hate our music anyway.

I decided that from here on in, there will be no eurovision parties with outlandish costumes, neither will their be obscenities hurled at the telly. Instead of Eurovision, I'll stick to singstar on the playstation, which just has the edge.

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