Thursday, December 07, 2006

Final touches for the Rock FM media bus

After a complete internal refurb which includes state of the art plasma screens and computers. The Rock FM media bus will be ready to hit the roads by tomorrow as the finishing touches to the exterior design are finalised.

I got chance to take a look today and I must say its looking really good indeed. The bus will be used in schools and community projects across the North West region and to top it all off, we will also be hosting live broadcasts, music gigs and DJ workshops plus lots of other extra things which have yet to be thrown into the mix.

The Rock FM bus has already proved to be incredibly popular for a few lucky schools who were able to work on pilot projects over recent weeks but as the paint dries on the outside, the focus will once again shift to providing top-quality teaching and media training on the inside.

The bus is kitted out with a laptop zone and a separate couched area at the back where another group can work on planning or watch a dvd. Its also possible to broadcast onto the radio from the bus and over the coming weeks and months, some of the station presenters and guests will be popping on board for special visits.


If you'd like more information about the bus or if you'd like us to visit your school or community centre then drop me an email and we'll have a chat.


Rick said...

Look great Paul alot better than the old thunder truck, so are you working for Rock FM on this project?


Paul Hurst said...

Yes, I'm teaching journalism and media with the RFM Bus

rick said...

Oh good to hear, are you enjoying it?

Paul Hurst said...

yup.... its fab :-)

we have a new website at

give me a shou sometime and I'll pop into college.