Thursday, December 21, 2006

Aidan of Lindisfarne's christmas message

Hmmm, it seems as if the spirit of christmas cheer doesn't quite spread as far as it should, especially within the church itself.

My mate took this picture doing a trip out and I couldn't help notice the 'unsaintly' like gesture being offered up by this so-called-holy-man whilst wearing what appears to be the full Bishops garbs.

It got me thinking on a serious note. Maybe we place too much importance on people who, are really just like us all when you get down to it.

There's another Bishop at the moment who's behavior is being challenged as less than picture perfect. He said he was mugged but some people think he was drunk. Either way, I cannot help but think that if only we didn't pretend that all these 'very right worshipful reverends' are 'Godlike' then we'd realise that according to the Bible at least, we are all sinners... Every single one of us, Bishops, bloggers 'et al'.

In fact, surely that's whats at the heart of the christmas message? According to the bible, thats why Jesus was born, he was born to deal with sin by dying on the cross.

Maybe if we can see past the tall hats, robes and all the other paraphernalia, not to mention all the over commecialised 'Santa Claus' xmas, we may catch a glimpse of Christ himself this time round.

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