Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm a blogging 'evangelist'

I'm busy preaching the word about how many of us 'everyday' folks can have blogs too. It isn't just for those who are computer geeks or crave attention, nope we can all enjoy keeping a blog and here's why:

1. Blogging helps remind us what we are actually doing with our time... And as you can see from mine... Far too little!

2. Blogging helps us keep in touch with people we don't see often. Why email when you can leave a nice comment on someones post?

3. Blogging helps us to express ourselves in new ways. Who knows who will be reading?

4. Blogging helps us to use the internet to connect with people and not companies. I remember when it all used to be about that but not anymore, unless you count blogs that is.

And finally, it is possible to make contact with new people... So do you visit my blog often? Ahem!

Just before I dash for today, may I also mention that my message has fallen on 'good soil' and borne 'much fruit'. A friend of mine, Joe Heyes has made a start on his blog so if you have a few mins, why not be kind and pay him a visit oh! and please be sure to post an advert for your blog here.. Xanga, myspace, blogger, flickr... Everyone is welcome to post a link!

Ps... As its Halloween, if anyone missed todays revamped google logo (now a tradition) here it is...

Spooky eh!

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