Monday, March 06, 2006

XVIII Commonwealth Games 2006: Melbourne

As athletes and spectators from all over the globe get ready for one of the most important sporting events in the World, my blog limbers up on the starting blocks to bring you the very latest from trackside with behind-the-scenes info from one of the embedded BBC Journalists.

Although 'the call' never came for me and I'm left in the previous host city of Manchester, my friend and colleague Mike Shaft is, as I write this, jetting off to work for the BBC and keep us all up to date with the latest news from Oz.

My pang of jealousy was slightly quelled when Mike agreed to write a few articles for my blog about what its like over there and to also send the odd pic or two as well.

So apart from the official sites, why not pop along here every now and again for a XVIII games update that is exclusive to

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