Tuesday, March 21, 2006

November's here already in Worcester!

The 'not-so-old' chestnut of technology in the classroom is front and centre again at a special education conference in Worcester. One of the Keynote speakers is Alan November who clearly thinks that blogs such as this one could easily chance the Victorian face of education.

I'm here as part of my work for Radiowaves. The use of radio and podcasting within the classroom has also featured in Alan's keynote and later today, a group of students will create a special podcast all about how technology in the classroom is changing the way people learn.

Technology certainly isn't some kind of magical panacea. It won't automatically teach anything to anyone, but it will provide many more opportunities for people to get plugged in to the curriculum in some pretty amazing ways! As a journalist myself, I can clearly see how journalistic skills could revolutionise the way some people learn and create their own work.

Anyone who's not checked out radiowaves should head over to: www.radiowaves.co.uk and Alan's number one google spot will be further secured by my extra link here: www.novemberlearning.com

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