Monday, June 27, 2005

A picture of... Manchester

One thing I love is photography and today I am going to be taking a few photographs from around Manchester.

The pictures will be used on a friends website so it is a mini-commission I guess.

I especially love taking landscape shots and today I am going to be shooting on my new wide-angle lense so I'm hopefully going to get some great shots from around the Quays. Manchester is a great place to photograph as theres so much growth and redevelopment, yet nestled in there, there's still some of the old city waiting to catch out the casual observer.

Ill post some of my pictures here on the blog for anyone who's interested, in the meantime, check out the BBCs 'Picture of Britain' website where you can view pictures from all over the country in a special gallery. You can vote for the ones you like and you may even see a few of mine in there :-)

Pics to follow....

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