Thursday, June 23, 2005

Does it look bigger tonight?

according to NASA, The Royal Astronomical Society and the Daily Mail (!), the moon looks bigger and closer than it has done for several hundred years, but just before NASA dust off the space capsules to head back. Alas! Its all an optical illusion. It's not the only 'illusion' of this type though thats doing the rounds. How about these other Astronomical absurdities.

The end of Allied involvement in Iraq, nope this one looks set to run and run and don't let anyone tell you how close we are to the end.

A successful role for some kind of European Constitution.... Errr lets dust of those space capsules again!

And finally, Robert Massey from the Royal Greenwich Obervatory who commented that "It will appear unusually big and of course it isn't really but that is the optical illusion." Now was he talking about astronomy or Tim Henman's chances of ever winning Wimbledon? There you go Tim, some things are just written in the stars...

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