Thursday, June 12, 2008

Standing up by sitting down

How can British MP's express their utter disgust for government passed policies in the house of commons? Well it seems that one way may be to walk out, hopefully to walk back in again later on.

The Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis MP was unable to resign in the house of commons, the speaker deeming it to be inappropriate given the matter was voted on yesterday so he stepped outside to step down from arguably the next government here in the UK.

By forcing a by-election, he will keep the matter very much in the media spotlight but who exactly will he fight in his re-election campaign?

The Lib-Dems have decided not to field a candidate given the fact that they agree with his stated reason for resignation and the Labour Party may lose whatever they choose to do.

Meanwhile, the Conservative leader, David Cameron who's riding on the back of a massive 20-point opinion poll lead may find that this single act of 'heroism' could cost his party especially if the public do support a 42 day detention law.

Watch this space, anything could happen!

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