Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The heady heights of television news (sort of!)

I was just browsing through some files on my computer when I found one of my old college projects :-) It made me chuckle :-)


Anonymous said...

HI Paul,

I am also young Freelancer. I just come from Kongo and I have a nice Interview with Rebell leader General Nkunda in Kongo about the Election. Maybe you can help me with some contacts? Or we work together?
Here you can see parts from the intervew

my emailadress is

Its a very actual topic

Paul Hurst said...

Thanks to Robin for the Link to this story. He has a very good blog over there too!

Paul Hurst said...

Thanks also to Johannes. The video you link to is very interesting indeed.

Its interesting to see how the traditional role of the Journalist is beginning to change and how Citizen Journalism is on the rise.