Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A mini update for my blog

It's goodbye to the old and hello to the new as I decided to bite the bullet and trade in my car today.

In an attempt to re-live my joyus days of motoring in my old fiesta zetec-s, I have decided to go for a car with a bit more bite. I've gone for the Mini Cooper-S.

I went looking at them last year and decided then that the mini was basically the car for me so when I heard that my friend had one in his garage, I decided to nip over and sort the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible, before someone else did.

Minis have always been very fun to drive and this one is no exception. Although most of the 1950's ones spluttered and coughed their way towards 50, the top speed on offer here is a cool 140mph which is delivered through a 1.6 litre 172bhp engine. With 0-60 in 7 seconds, there's nothing 'mini' about this cars capabilities, its fast. Speed aside though, the car is great to drive with sports type handling and 17-inch, run-flat alloys which negates the need for a spare. Its probably just as well too, the boot is tiny, you'd have to have it on your lap!

I only had a quick test drive today but suffice to say I can't wait until the weekend when I pick her up. For anyone whos interested in what it looks like in the showroom, heres the pics...

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