Monday, January 02, 2006

A extraordinary new birth for the new year

2006 has got off to a flying start for one new mother as she flew from France to India. She gave birth at thirty-odd thousand feet and the flight gained an extra passenger.

Its not uncommon for pregnant ladies to travel on commercial planes however some airlines don't allow mums-to-be over seven months to take to the air. In this case, its thought that a flight attendant became concerned for the safety of the lady passenger after she had been in the loo for quite some time.

Although the lady was not visibly near the end of her term, Elfayed was delivered with the help of the flight attendants and a doctor who was also traveling on the flight.

hundreds of thousands of children are born each day but most are delivered at ground level so as we enter a new year, I thought it was nice to hear of this story which seems just plane crazy!

My best wishes to mum and baby, and for that matter, to all my blog readers for 2006!

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